Doing Solar Differently

Did you know that solar panels can power weather balloons used to gather atmospheric data? Did you know that they are being used on Uncrewed Surface Vehicles that gather oceanographic data? Do you need a panel that folds up so you can fit it in a backpack? We aren't your typical solar panel manufacturer. SBM Solar Inc's non-glass solar panels are lightweight and shatter resistant and have been used to power golf carts, purify water, on cars in solar car competitions, for disaster relief, on marine vessels, and for communication in remote locations.

How could you use solar?

SBM Solar Inc, is a photovoltaic module manufacturer located in Concord, NC. Our solar panels are made with high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells that last for a long time to ensure a steady flow of power. Our modules are covered by a protective fluoropolymer film that provides optical transparency while reducing glare and maximizing the absorption of sunlight. SMB Solar panels are efficient even in low-light conditions, and if one section of the panel is damaged, the panel still works. Our panels have been tested by being:

  • Dropped
  • Hammered
  • Shot
  • Runover
  • Immersed in Water
  • Exposed to Sand and Radiation
Upon completion of testing, SBM Solar Inc's panels maintained 80% of their original power output.

SBM Solar's panels are sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States with our proprietary non-glass technology. Using this non-glass technology, our panels can be customized to the size and shape you need, making them suitable for numerous applications. Our non-glass panels are:

  • Lightweight
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Low glare
  • Waterproof
  • Ruggedized