SBM Solar is a non-glass photovoltaic module manufacturer located in Concord, NC.

Why SBM?


Our panels are lightweight, shatter and impact resistant, waterproof, low glare, and made for austere conditions. By passing MIL-STD-810-G standards, they have been inspected and approved with the most rigorous of tests. With a bypass diode in each section, our panels can resist damage and shading to collect the highest solar energy harvest possible.


Our panels are 95% sourced from US based companies and manufactured in the United States guaranteeing high quality. Since 2011, SBM Solar, Inc has had numerous contracts with the United States Armed Forces and is the primary supplier of solar panels for the US Military.


Our panels are lightweight and can be folded up and carried in a backpack and are made using high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells to ensure a steady flow of power. SBM panels are efficient even in low-light conditions, and if one section of the panel is damaged, the panels still work because of advanced construction.