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The Staten Island Solar Car Team is made up of teachers and students from Staten Island Technical High School, who are fascinated by green technology and committed to utilizing the technology in the building of their solar car.

In 2011 the team participated in their first Solar Car Challenge, an annual event, in which teams of high school students design, build, and race road-worthy vehicles that run using solar energy. With over 250 solar car projects, and teams from 39 states plus Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, the Solar Car Challenge as one of the top Science & Engineering programs in the country.

In addition to the Staten Island Solar Car Team, we have also worked with numerous other solar car teams from around the United States.

On a collegiate level, we have partnered with colleges and universities on the Solar Decathlon, where college students design and build either residential or commercial buildings that are high performance, low-carbon and energy efficient structures.