About SBM Solar

SBM Solar Inc. is a photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer operating just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 2001, SBM Solar Inc. has been a leading pioneer in the development of solar panels suitable for military use. SBM continues to provide durable, high quality, non-glass PV modules for the armed forces and a wide range of other applications.

SBM's customizable PV modules are made with 20-22% efficiency crystalline silicon cells encapsulated by a polymer cover film. The cover film is lightweight and protective while providing transparency and reducing the amount of sunlight reflected off of the panel compared to other materials.

SBM Solar Inc. is dedicated to being the pioneer of non-glass PV module manufacturing. SBM has been working for years with some of the plastic industry's leading companies to develop better polymers for solar energy applications. The combination of advanced materials and a unique manufacturing process allows SBM’s solar panels to be optimally tough and lightweight.