Our solar panels are engineered to be beyond durable and efficient

At SBM Solar Inc., we make sure our panels can withstand austere environments and rough handling. To test their toughness, our panels have been dropped, shot, hammered, drilled, kept underwater, and even run over by a Humvee. Each time, our panels survived with over 80% of their original power output.

SBM solar panels have passed MIL-STD-810-G tests for impact, vibration, water immersion, puncture, thermal cycling, 100 lb. pull force, sand exposure, radiation exposure, shadowing, and more.

We believe that making sturdy, ruggedized products is possible without adding on extra weight. For applications where solar panels need to be light, small, and easy to carry, we’ve eliminated every ounce of unnecessary weight from our panels. In our panel design, each ounce matters.