Jeremiah Brown

It’s easy to get so caught up in the sameness of everyday life that you forget that there are still new things to discover – new adventures to look forward to, so it is great when someone comes along and reminds you to grab hold of each day and make it count. Jeremiah Brown has done that for many of us. 
A former Olympian now motivational speaker, Jeremiah decided he was going to travel from his home in Canada, to Argentina via bike using his Cyberdrop camper. We met him when he reached out to us looking for solar panels to help power his Cyberdrop on his trip. We were pleased to partner with him, but it has also been motivating for us to watch him learn what he needed to learn, so his venture is successful. Below is an update from him on his trip:  
The first 1000 miles of my trip went off without a hitch, from Peterborough, Ontario to New York City. But after crossing the George Washington Bridge into Harlem, my hitch suddenly sheared off and took my safety cable with it. This sent the Cyberdrop colliding into my rear Bullitt cargo bike wheel. I ended up being moored in Brooklyn for a week while I sourced repair parts and designed a new hitch replacement. NYC is a good place to break down as there are endless bike shops and machine shops ready to help. From NYC, I travelled south through New Jersey, Delaware, and North Carolina, following the Atlantic coast. The SBM solar panels are performing well and proving resilient in a variety of weather conditions. The panels really draw attention and spur excitement from onlookers. It's fun putting a smile on people's faces. The kindness shown to me by friendly and curious strangers has become a daily occurrence. I've settled into a daily road routine of riding on average 90 miles per day, with breaks and evening time to relax and edit videos for YouTube. I'm using the numerous mechanical challenges, flat tires, etc. as a learning experience to help me better understand various electrical and mechanical bicycle components. Overall it's been a fun adventure so far, and I remain committed to getting all the way down to Argentina. I'm taking it day by day and enjoying the journey. 
Follow us as we continue to follow Jeremiah on his adventure and may we, like him, make each day count.