Let’s embrace innovation

Have you ever learned something or discovered something that changed everything for you? Something that was so exciting you could only imagine the impact it would have on future projects?

I have had a few such moments - AHA moments where the all the pieces finally came together in such a way that I was blown away by what I had just learned. Moments where, when all those pieces came together, it was so simple I wondered how I had missed it for so long.


My boss came to my office last week excited about a product he just learned about – excited about the possibilities and opportunities it could open up for the company.


That got me thinking about the cycle of innovation. It starts with an idea – something completely new, or maybe a way to make something better, and then lots of research. The idea is then built, tested, changed, tested some more, tweaked, tested again - over and over until the goal has been achieved.


Everything we have today – cars, appliances - all technology has been through this process. It amazes me that at some point the innovation, the new and better process, becomes the standard, and then we are back to innovation.


Let’s embrace innovation – after all, today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard process.