The Week In-Between

The week between Christmas and New Year’s always feels a little strange to me. There’s a bit of a let-down from Christmas, but technically, the holidays aren’t over. It feels like it is too soon to put away the Christmas decorations and I am not ready to get back my to pre-holiday routine.


This week the manufacturing department is quiet – with a short work week, it doesn’t make sense to dive into a big project. But the office side of the company is busy – looking at changes, figuring out how to put the changes in place, and trying to gain new perspective on familiar pieces to further facilitate those changes.


Taking time to step back and look at the big picture - looking back to move forward – this is always a good thing both personally and professionally.  And this week that’s in-between, that feels a little off anyway, has been a good week for some assessing.


Whatever you did this week – I hope your new year celebrations are happy and that the new year is peaceful and prosperous for us all.

Happy New Year!